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Halloween Flowers in San Rafael

The season of horror is here. It's time for Halloween on 31-October-2021. Go as spooky as you want, or be the subtle one. The choice is yours! Halloween Flowers can bring in all the effects you want them to!

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The season of horror is here. It's time for Halloween. This year turn to flowers for all the arrangements. People have already started decorating their tabletops with scary designs enjoying scary movies. Catch up with these pretty Halloween flower arrangements to create an impact.

Go as spooky as you want, or be the subtle one. The choice is yours! Halloween Flowers can bring in all the effects you want them to!

We have prepared a guide for you to see the best flowers for Halloween and some of the best of the awesome Halloween arrangements in San Rafael.

List of Halloween Flowers in San Rafael

Halloween Flowers San Rafael
Halloween Flowers San Rafael

Like all states, San Rafael has the same set of Halloween flowers. See some of the eerily beautiful flowers for Halloween.


Grave flowers or chrysanthemums are the best flowers to be a part of Halloween decorations. The horrific burgundy chrysanthemum is specially made for Halloween. Being in season, you can even get potted ones. Get the best ones here in San Rafael. You can decorate a vase with these and some other vines.

Love -lies bleeding Amaranthus

These bleeding ones are good for all Halloween decorations, from gate decor to tabletop styles. The morphology of the flower makes it appear like it's oozing out blood from its petals. Decorate the sides and ceiling of your hall with these. A perfect recipe for scariness!

Black Roses

Ranging from black beauties to a no. of other varieties, these areas are scary as lovely; these are a good inclusion to the list. Black roses are the classy scare inducer for your home decor.

Take a sheer clear vase and add black beauties to create the coral reef pattern but the spooky version. You can easily get tutorials.

Mauve Roses

After black roses, Mauves are number 2 in the scary list. Best fit for a big crazy Halloween party. Order a mauve spider bouquet to gift your guests.

Orange Roses

The classic black and orange combo never gets old. Pair with a carved pumpkin to get the perfect effect.

Lotus Pods

Empty lotus pods have deep pits, which can make anyone hide under covers. These can be used as entry gate arrangements. Good enough for a vampire-themed party!


If you want to go off the norms, this is a must-try! Add some fresh shades of green to resemble a deep forest having ghosts and other paranormal figures. Get the best everyday occasion flowers from your local San Rafael florist.


Add these as pumpkin tops or get a full-blown ready-made carved pumpkin with bittersweet. Just place an order and get these little fear flares delivered to your home!


You can add these little mums to your decor. After all, it's fall! These all-purpose flowers are amazing for these seasons.

Purple Millet Grass

For any center fall decorations, but for this purpose, it is too good. Get some purple millet glass from florists in San Rafael.

These flowers are good for scary and not-so-scary Halloween arrangements. You can get the fresh, best quality flowers picked by our experts from us. We are all-purpose florists; get all your flower needs fulfilled here.