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6 Notes Reminders For Sending Sympathy Flowers

Northgate Florist professionals are here to solve this issue and provide you with 6 flower arrangements sent as sympathy flowers.

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In this raging pandemic, a lot of people have lost their close ones. Sending flowers is one of the best ways to express sympathy in this situation. A lot of people cannot see each other due to the global lockdown. However, they can address other sorrow and give them sympathy through flowers.

Many people are confused about the kind of flowers and arrangements they should send at a funeral or to someone suffering from any disease. We are here to solve this issue and provide you with 6 flower arrangements sent as sympathy flowers.

Sympathy flower arrangements to Send Online in San Rafael, CA

1. Lilies

    Lilies are one of the most common sympathy flowers as they provide a sense of calmness and their white color soothes the eyes. Many lilies are commonly sent to funerals with an "I am sorry for your loss" card. At most funerals, people tend to wear single colors like black or white, so white lilies usually go with the occasion and adds up to the funeral atmosphere. Lilies also have a very light fragrance which gives off a vibe of calmness. In various countries, such as the Philippines, the caskets of lilies are sent by close relatives or friends. Now you can opt for same day flower delivery in San Rafael, CA and send beautiful bouquets to your loved ones easily.

    2. Roses

      Another flower that is sent in a sympathy cause is the white rose. Similarly, like lilies, white roses also provide a sense of calmness and soothes the eyes. White roses are usually sent to loved ones at their funerals or when someone close to us suffers from any disease. A casket of white roses along with a card of "get well soon" always give a positive message to the person suffering and gives a sense of sympathy. Flowers tend to cheer up or motivate a person, so if a person is suffering or recovering from any illness, flowers are the best gifts you can send them. If you want to send a bouquet of roses to your closed ones, our stores have the most acceptable range of roses and orchids.

      3. Carnations

        Carnations are one of the traditional sympathy flowers sent on or after funerals. The white carnations symbolize purity and act as an appropriate flower for expressing condolences. Carnations are also used for making displays at funerals because of their bright colors. Some families also put various carnations of different colors near the deceased as it brightens the atmosphere. Carnations are one of the best flowers to express condolences, along with lilies, as they give a feeling of calmness and purity to the soul. You can send Funeral flowers in San Rafael, CA to your friends who have recently lost someone close to them.

        4. Gladioli

          Gladioli are classic sympathy flowers that are commonly sent on funerals in the form of bouquets. Gladioli symbolizes sincerity, moral integrity, and mental strength. A spray of gladioli is a tradition of burials in the west. Gladioli also has a very light fragrance that freshens up the atmosphere. Gladiolus are found in various colors, such as red and violet, but classic white is preferred in funerals.

          5. Calla lilies

            The calla lily symbolizes birth and resurrection and is an ideal choice for sympathy flowers. Calla Lillies are not considered original lilies, yet they are extraordinary flowers but have a beautiful texture and fragrance. They are found in multiple colors, such as yellow or purple, but classic pink colors are preferred when sending a sympathy flower. They are slightly different from lilies, yet they are exquisite sympathy flowers.

            6. Chrysanthemums

              The white chrysanthemums stand for death, loss, or grief, thus making them an ideal choice for sympathy flowers. These flowers are usually used in funerals in Asian or European countries. Chrysanthemums are also combined with white roses in floral arrangements for sending sympathy flowers.