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5 Tips for Organizing a Memorable Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery

Start planning for Valentine's Day early with Northgate Florist as the flower shop lovers depend on every time.

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Almost eight out of every 10 flower sales are attributed to female customers. On Valentine’s Day, giving red roses has become a tradition. They are a universally accepted symbol of love and commitment. You, therefore, don’t have to go for generic gifts this Valentine’s. You can personalize the bouquet and make it stand out. This article looks at some tips for making your valentine’s day online flower delivery memorable.

1. Pick a Unique Style

For valentine’s day, you could go with the traditional red roses. They have a vibrant color, and they represent passion. But you could try other arrangements from flower shops to come up with a unique style. Remember, due to the increased demand, common options are likely to run out of stock early.

One of the trendy bouquets you can find at your local florist is white tulips. They are rare and have a softer tone, and they may be a better gift option for partners who are indifferent to roses. Ideally, you could go for a flower with multiple buds and half blooms.

2. Identify Your Preference: Scented or Unscented Flowers

When you are choosing an arrangement from flower shops, scent can be a tricky feature. Some plants have a natural fragrant that is pleasing and even relaxing, like lavender. While others have beautiful blooms, but they have an offending smell like some tulips.

So you must research the fragrances before organizing a flower delivery. Some of the scented bouquets may include Jasmine, Hyacinth, Freesia, and Gardenia. Also, consider going for hypoallergenic options.

3. Write a Personalized Note

Valentine’s Day is probably the most passionate time of the year for couples. So when you order a bouquet from a flower shop, you must not forget to leave a heartfelt note. The value of a gift is in the thought you put into it.

You can write a short poem or a few sincere words to express how you feel for your partner. Use a quality card to jot down something personal. It will add meaning to an already charming gesture of sending them flowers. You can also opt for a custom made card that has symbolic value to your partner.

4. Have Them Delivered Early

Start preparing early so that you are ready to organize for a delivery when you order flowers online. Determine how you are going to deliver the flowers. Will it be a surprise, or will you send them to their place of work?

Having the florist deliver the bouquet to the office is a great idea, if possible. Everyone will see the recipient signing the gift, which is more flattering than receiving it in private. For the same reason, you can organize the delivery to be on weekends.

5. Consider the Package

Adding items to the bouquet package can make the gift more memorable. Today, flower shops have extras like teddy bears, chocolate, and wine, that you can include in the delivery. If you are to hand it to your date personally, the packaging can cheapen or accentuate the gift.

Flowers are still among the best gift you can send your partner on Valentine’s Day. Start planning early with Northgate Florist for a more memorable holiday.