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Delicate orchids of exquisite beauty purposefully placed with tropical monstera foliage and succulents on a simple bed of river rock creating a Zen arrangement of sophistication in a hand-blown glass vase. The color of the orchid to be determined by availability.


Eye shaped vase, 1-2 -3 stems of orchids, 1 bag black river rocks- 1 large succulent 1 medium & 1 small succulents with 1 -10" (approx) monstera or other tropical leaf, 1 green ball dianthus This arrangement features the Grouping Technique and the plant materials are not mixed. - Prepare the vase with the proper proportion of water and flower food. - The River stones are used for a decorative element as well as a mechanic to hold plant materials in place. Notes - Create a layer of River stones in the bottom of the container. Add a small amount of water to the container. - Place the succulents inside the vase for presentation. - Add the Orchid stem and the monstera leaf for visual support. (LX165 FTD)

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