About Me

The Artist: Caitlin Douglas

I have always felt more at home in nature than anywhere else. It was no surprise to me that my art would evolve to that same passion. I draw on the personality of the animals or scene and try and capture that within the confines of a square canvas. I had tried to be tormented and modern with my work, harness the bad in my life to create art, but I was always drawn to the simple yet beautiful moments in life, especially those outdoors.

I was born and raised in Fairfax, CA with my three siblings. I was lucky enough to have a mother who nurtured and supported each of us in our own path. I started painting at the age of four and quickly realized that I always felt better when I was creating something. I continued with painting through all my schooling and went on to earn my BFA with an emphasis in painting from Sonoma State University. Unfortunately, life got in the way of painting for many years after graduating and it wasn’t until the birth of my son Malcolm that I felt the drive to put paint to canvas again. Since then I have been trying to find my new voice as an artist, mother and wife. I have been competing in local art competitions and earned a Best in Show at the Solano County Fair. I have had shows in San Francisco, Berkeley, Vallejo, Sebastopol, Benicia and San Rafael.